March 21, 2020


There’s a reason why boho baby showers are quite popular, especially during the summer season. The use of candles, throw pillows, feathers, and the like, is just what’s needed to create the most relaxing and inviting environment for an outdoor party.

You need to take your time when you’re planning a boho-themed baby shower because it all comes down to the little details. You must make sure that everything from the tableware to the party favours has a part to play in making your baby shower memorable.

Let’s take a look at some tips you need to keep in mind to make sure your bohemian-themed baby shower is a hit with your all guests.

1.  Choose an Outdoor Venue

If you want your boho baby shower to be a memorable event for the mom-to-be, you need to could choose an outdoor venue and let nature set the stage for your party. You could set it up in your backyard or a public park, but make sure you have a backup venue just in case the weather has some unpleasant surprises in store.

You can always install a pop up gazebo where you can have the cake-cutting ceremony and ask the guests to keep all their gifts. To truly keep the bohemian spirit alive, use a couple of portable speakers to set up a surround system and play some boho music to get everybody in the mood for dancing.  

Since a boho-themed party calls for dreamy, floaty dresses with floral patterns, the outdoor space is just what you need to let the flowy dresses ripple in the wind and have the perfect backdrop for all your pictures that you can look back on fondly.

2.    Set the Tone with the Baby Shower Invites

To give the guests a taste of what they can expect at the baby shower, choose a baby shower invitation that set the tone for the event and to get everyone excited for the shower.

For a wide range of boho themed baby shower invites Zazzle is a great resource, their templates are easy to use and their products are known for their quality.

3.    Go All Out with the Baby Shower Decorations

The best part about throwing a baby shower outdoors is that you can take advantage of nature when you’re decorating.

There’s nothing that does a better job than a grand entrance to set the mood for a party and get the guests excited for what’s to come. There are so many ways to go about it – install a macramé backdrop to remind the guests about the theme of the baby shower or use raw silk ribbon draped over a branch.


It’s all about the details so you really need to let your imagination run wild with ideas. You don’t need to stick to a colour scheme or use the same types of materials because the thing about bohemian-themed parties is that you can take inspiration from a variety of sources and styles. Just make sure everything is warm and natural.

  Here are some boho baby shower decoration ideas that are worth considering:
  • Place feathers in mason jars ans use them as table displays.
  • Transform old bottles into beautiful vases using flowers and twinkly lights.
  • Adorn wooden tables with big, fluffy throw pillows and burlap or lace tablecloths.
  • Hang dreamcatchers as decor.
  • Use tableware with floral textures.
  • Make garlands and wreaths with silk flower arrangements to decorate with.
  • Hang macramé garlands for decoration.
  • Hang a macramé backdrop for decoration at the cake table.
  • Go all out with a teepee.

4.    Keep the Guests Entertained with Bohemian-Themed Games

You also need to plan some boho baby shower games to keep the guests engaged and entertained. There are a host of options you can choose from:
  • Since flower crowns are the ultimate bohemian staple, a boho baby shower is incomplete without a flower crown-making activity.
  • Hand out markers, paper plates, and blindfold to all the guests and tell them to draw sketches of the baby with the blindfolds on. Whoever makes the best sketch wins the game and gets to go home with a small reward.
  • Place about ten useful items for new parents in a diaper bag and give all the guests a paper and pen to list down as many items as they can think of. The guest who gets the most items correct wins and takes home a prize.
  • Download our printable boho baby shower games.

5.    Prepare a Themed-Snack Table

Don’t get carried away when you’re planning the menu. The best part about boho-themed parties is that you can’t go wrong with simple flavours. You don’t even need any frosting on your cake. All you have to do is top it with your favourite selection of fruits and even flowers and you’re good to go.

For boho baby shower desserts, you can simply add a bunch of fresh berries into little mason jars and serve them to your guests. You don’t need to worry about keeping things formal because a boho party is all about having fun with your loved ones. You can serve pink lemonade or watermelon mint refreshers to allow your guests to cool down if you’re throwing a baby shower on a particularly hot day.

Before freezing your ice-cubes, feel free to add some edible herbs and tiny flowers into them to make sure even your beverages are boho-inspired.

Final Words

As long as you’re keeping the needs of your guest of honour in mind, there’s truly nothing that can go wrong at the baby shower.

Photo: Anna Murray Photography
Boho garland: HarborandHomeShop French jars retro inspired: FrenchHue  Macramé backdrop & tepee: WallKnot  Macramé backdrop: CottonRiver  Macramé garland:Macramano Floral garland: BegoniaRoseCo Cake photography: Catch my party
Charlotte’s cake  Lee’s cake  Veronica’s cake

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