March 26, 2022


Is your little one turning one? The first birthday is always the most special, and you want to make sure to do everything you can to make it memorable for your baby. Of course, they won't remember their big day, but there's always pictures for them to look back on.


A wild one themed birthday is exciting and fun to plan; there are so many different things you can do, but to make it easier for you, we have made a guide for you to follow. Use these first birthday ideas to throw your baby the birthday of a lifetime!


Make a mood board

If you have decided to go with a jungle-themed birthday, the first step is to make a mood board of your ideas. Do some research and gather your favorite looks.  Pinterest is a great place to start. Have a look at similar themed birthdays online and make a list of what you like about each one. Once you have put them all together in one place, you will start getting a better idea of what you want and it will become easier to plan it.


Decoration plays the biggest role when it comes to a birthday party. It's what sets the tone and gives the birthday a vibe. For a wild one themed birthday, you can go for a jungle look so your decoration needs to be based on that. Animals and trees can be your primary go-to ideas that will make your place look like a safari. Here are some decoration tips.

 Color Palette

The first step with any decoration is to decide on a color palette. This will prevent your colors from going all over the place. A limited color palette gives the event more of an edge and highlights the theme of the birthday. In this jungle-themed birthday, your color palette should ideally be a range of greens and gold, white, yellows, oranges and black. Every piece of decoration should try and fit this color scheme so that nothing looks out of place.


The next thing you need to plan is the entrance, which can make or break your guests’

first impression of the event. While you can do the entrance up in so many ways, we would suggest having a signboard along with a backdrop or some cut-out animals on the side. The signboard will guide people where to go, so you can have arrows pointing to the direction of different things, such as games, food, etc. It’s easy to put together and is a great way to build excitement before people enter the main event. Remember to use catchy words on the board, for example, instead of writing ‘food’ you can write something like ‘jungle treats’.


Balloon Garland

No birthday is complete without a balloon garland. It is an amazing showstopper that is enough to create a vibe and doesn’t need much else with it. Whether your birthday is indoors or outdoors, you can still create this installation. Look up inspiration online and then do it yourself using tape and balloons. You may need an extra helping hand but that's about it.



Since it's a children's birthday party or more like a baby’s birthday party, you can add a bit of fun to it with a piñata. Of course, your one-year-old will not be able to break it open themselves but it’ll be entertaining for them to watch the other children do it. Plus, we all know how much adults secretly love it too! Make an animal pinata choosing any safari animal of your choice, be it a lion, zebra, giraffe, monkey, etc., or order one online, whatever you prefer.



There are so many exciting backdrop ideas you can choose from. You can easily make a DIY banner using wood, cloth or paper. Watch some tutorials on YouTube before doing so to make it easier for yourself. You can add artificial leaves onto your backdrop along with animal cut-outs. There’s so much you can do. You can even design one online and just have it printed onto a panaflex if that’s more your style. If you don’t have time to make one, you can order a ready-made one online from Etsy. There are a bunch of really cute ones out there!



The part we all love the most! What’s a birthday party without some yummy treats? Here are some creative tips for setting the food according to the jungle theme. Use jungle-themed plates and glasses to add more of a vibe.



This is the most important one. Bake or buy a jungle-themed cake that your little one will drool over. Go all out and put an animal face or keep it simple and minimalistic with shades of green and maybe just a cake topper on top.



Play around with the snacks. For example, you can use vegetables like carrots and cucumbers to make animal faces in the dip or hummus. It will just add a touch of the jungle and will do the trick. Other ideas include cutting the food into animal shapes. You can get cutters and cut the sandwiches and pizza accordingly.


Dessert Table

The most fun thing to plan is definitely the dessert table. You can make bite-size cupcakes and cookies with various animal faces or just buy plain ones from the store and add animal toppers. You can also have mousse jars with animal stickers on them and a candy bowl, that one is a top favorite among the kids. Have an assortment of different desserts and you’re good to go.


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